CMO Services

medical product customization services (CMO) —— offers customization services of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates

DMF Services

lianchuang building drug production strictly in accordance with the new GMP requirements established in line with international certification require

CRO Services

commissioned joint development or development of new drugs; pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates process development; quality of drug impur

Generic Consistency Evaluation

consistency evaluation of generic drugs will set off a revolution, the industry back on the right track.


Warmly celebrate our company through the occupation health a

Warmly celebrate our company through the occupation health a

Recently, the Shanghai ICAS expert component of the company sent in two stages, to my company to implement document review and on-site audit, the group after two working days, intense and orderly inspection, communication, identification, v...



The company held a mountain climbing competition

To enhance employee health, exercise employee health, rich cultural life of employees and improve communication between employees. The afternoon of July 4, our company organized the climbing competition, venue for zipeng Mountain National F...



The company organized the "New Year's Day New Year's Day"

On December 27, the days of smog has finally dissipated, the sky became so clear, light company 2016 celebrates the new year, new years day events were held on the company basketball court as scheduled. The event equipped mens tug of war, w...



General manager Lu Qingguo led a delegation to attend the ex

December 1-3rd, bio-Lu Qingguo, General Manager, Vice General Manager Li Fengfei, Han Wenjie delegation participated in France Paris the 27th European food ingredients (the FIE), this is the 13th time in a row the European food ingredient a...

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